I am Lisa Archer

I am Lisa Archer, a veteran mother who raised three children Ann, Claire and Thomas.

I’ve always tried to do the best I could for them and was especially aware of any health issue. I read a lot about these topics, and participated to many forums and some conferences.

It is time now to share my experiences, my concerns and my beliefs about health and kids. I hope it can be useful to others and prepare me for my future role as a grandmother.

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1701, 2018

Give your Cat a Healthy life with these 3 easy Tips!

We all love our cats and want them to live long and happy lives...so here are 3 easy things you can do each day to enrich your cat's life and keep her healthy, too. Be sure to check out Kitten School's other videos for sensible tips on cat and kitten health, training and how to live a fabulous cat-lover lifestyle! Note: the Omega 3 oil shown says "For dogs" on the label but it is safe