I am Lisa Archer

I am Lisa Archer, a veteran mother who raised three children Ann, Claire and Thomas.

I’ve always tried to do the best I could for them and was especially aware of any health issue. I read a lot about these topics, and participated to many forums and some conferences.

It is time now to share my experiences, my concerns and my beliefs about health and kids. I hope it can be useful to others and prepare me for my future role as a grandmother.

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2202, 2018

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle | Fitness Advice | Dr Mona Vand

This video is SO informative - my celebrity trainer explains exactly what we’ve done to help me tone up and built a booty (which is extremely difficult for women with small frames)! We review: macronutrients & calories, body types, mindset and more. Enjoy & leave your questions below - we’ll both be answering! When I started: 1:00 About Bulking: 1:22 About Carbs: 4:47 Eating late at night: 7:10 Counting calories : 8:30 Eating before sleeping: 9:16