If you have just celebrated your 30th birthday, you know that you have crossed an important milestone in your life! So, in order to remain in good health in the coming years, there are certain health tips you need to follow!

When we are young, most of us tend to focus more on our studies, career and in having a gala time, enjoying our youth, so health often takes a back seat.

However, as we get older, we do realise how important it is to follow healthy habits, in order to prevent diseases.

So, by the age of 30, most of us would have gained enough knowledge about various diseases and how to avoid them, what to add to our diet, what exercise suits us, etc.

So, we must start to implement certain healthy habits, based on the knowledge we have, to remain healthier for a longer time.

Also, after 30, cell degeneration starts to occur at a faster rate, which is another reason to take a good care of our health. Here are a few healthy tips you must follow after 30, have a look!

Tips #1
Firstly, if you still haven’t, start learning how to cook, as this habit can help you follow a healthy, clean diet, as you do not have to depend on the food available outside.

Tips #2
A research study has said that it is better for people over 30 to eat vegetarian foods, and consume meat just occasionally, as vegetarian food is healthy for the gut and is also relatively low in fat content.

Tips #3
Keeping a constant tab on your weight, once you hit 30, is a good way to keep fit. A lot of hormonal changes occur during the 30s, and your metabolic rate can also slow down. So, it is important to weigh yourself often and change your routine accordingly.

Tips #4
Ensure that you include enough omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, by consuming nuts, coconut, fish, etc., as omega-3 fatty acids are known to slow down cell ageing and can also prevent hunger pangs.

Tips #5
After 30, ensure that you cut down on excess sugar and salt, as your body may not be able to process them as effectively as they used to, making you prone to diabetes and hypertension.

Tips #6
Talk to a personal trainer or your doctor and choose an exercise routine that can help boost your metabolism, as your metabolic rate can slow down after 30.

Tips #7
Ensure that you take frequent breaks if you have a desk-bound job and make sure to walk a bit or do some stretches, in order to avoid certain disorders associated with long hours of sitting.

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