Tip #1: Start somewhere. It’s obvious, but we have to begin with the 1st step and that will lead to the next which will lead to a positive ripple effect. Don’t wait!

Tip #2: Know your WHY. Why do you want exceptional health for yourself? Why do you want to feel the way you know you can? Why is it important for you to not want to feel bad? What is it that drives you to pursue a holistic lifestyle and diet?

Tip #3: Make new friends! If you are growing and evolving and wanting to embrace a super healthy lifestyle, make the effort to meet new health-conscious friends who have similar interests as you. Go to local meetup group (search for your keywords & location on meetup.com) and local potlucks & gatherings and connect with people who are on this path.

You can join my meetup group in north bay San Francisco, CA where we meet regularly for spring water harvesting, wild edibles & hiking adventures, raw food and superfood-infused dessert making classes and workshops! http://meetup.com/BayAreaSpringWater

What are YOUR favorite tips for making life changes so that you can still have an awesome social life?

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